Ocean Logic Pty Ltd is a small company formed in 1996 to provide consultancy services in the area of digital design. Operations have subsequently shifted to the design of IP cores.

The company has now a well established and successful IP core development program. Some of the cores available are outlined in the Multimedia IP and Encryption IP sections.

Our soft cores have been shipped to many customers and have been included in current products.

The knowledge of the company includes direct experience of ASIC and FPGA design with the most modern tools as well as hardware implementation of complex algorithms.

Ocean Logic also creates its own unique intellectual property as the recent release of the patent pending Compressed Frame Store (CFS) technology clearly shows.


We are located in Sydney, Australia.

Enquires can be directed to:

Vincenzo Liguori

Ocean Logic Pty Ltd

po box: 768
Manly NSW 1655 Australia
fax: +61.2.90120979